Monday, August 11, 2008

Amputee Nightmares and Honda Ads

My employer took our internet away a couple weeks ago. Sorta. Hinting at possible installed tracking software they told us we were not allowed to use the internet, ichat etc. unless necessary for work - this was accompanied by a very cold and formal guide line signed by human resources. So I have had a hard time rearranging my life in order to check email, calendars, and bank stuff - I honestly have to get up an hour earlier every day now just because of this new rule and thats put me in a terrible mood for the past couple weeks. My 99 Huyndai Accent decided to die about two weeks ago as well and I have been forced to contend with the most annoying, stressful, and hated game of buying a new used car. If the time spent researching consumer reviews, recalls, and dealer ads isn't enough, I have to use a commuter train in order to get out to the suburbs in order to find the right car. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now mostly because I can't decide on what I want. The internet is pretty necessary in this process and I have had no choice but to sneak internet at work, dodging the intermittent visits from management as they patrol the beginnings of their new policy (this policy is pretty silly for a creative environment in 2008 but I give it about 4 months before anyone remembers the memo.) This entry makes me feel and sound terrible. Ugh. This kinda of stress has caused me to have amputation themed nightmares over the past couple weeks - I haven't been able to sleep much because of this. Most nights I wake up at 4 am and start looking this stuff up in online dream dictionaries. Amputation = Loss. Duh. Car = Money.

This car problem will be solved this week. But in the mean time a list of good things that happened over the past two weeks. Things are gonna change.

1. Manitou. Another movie that snuck up on me much like Demon Seed. Manitou stars the recipient of a mistakenly diagnosed tumor and it's contents - a 400 year old evil medicine man. The growth eventually gives birth to the above pictured still developing creature and I think he tries to take over the world. It ends in some pscyhedelic climax of bright lights and silly projections.

T-Shirt by Kime Buzzelli
2. Heaven Gallery. I DJed at Phoebe's opening on Friday and met her friend Kime, hung out with her dad Saul, and saw my friends in Tirra Lirra (one of my favorite Chicago bands.) Kime posted some pictures on her blog here.

3. Beverly Shores. This has become my favorite place in Chicago - near Chicago. It's about an hour and a half away. I am taking the train there on Friday with a tent and sleeping on the beach - no amputation nightmares there. It reminds me of the time I spent in Wildwood New Jersey when I lived in New York City.

4. Alex Aja. His new movie Mirrors comes out Friday. I have been following a handful of new horror directors and I think Alex is the real deal. No one (except for Neil Marshall of The Descent fame) is making good horror like this - didn't even screw up The Hills have Eyes remake (Although no one believes me, they just assume it is bad.)